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Imagine planning your trip to the exotic South Pacific with someone who understands the experience you are seeking. Someone who knows these beautiful islands well; who wants you to enjoy the tranquil lagoons, white sandy beaches, friendly people, welcoming climate and all the wonderful activities and cultural experiences these islands have to offer. We have just that person.

The Ensemble South Pacific Specialist is an experienced travel professional with a passion for the region. They have committed their professional focus to learning all about the incredible places and hidden treasures of this enticing destination. You can trust them to work with you, and within your budget, to turn your dream into reality.

Through a rigid program of training and familiarization they have become experts in their field making them the best people to talk to about your South Pacific vacation. They have access to the best deals available while their insider knowledge allows them to custom design your dream vacation based on your very individual needs, desires and budget.

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